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Terrace 135 by natsumi33
Terrace 135

All of it.

I want to apologize for the long wait but I really had to handle my life. Also, I am very sorry for the messiness of some things on these pages - I didn't have a good eraser so some of the pencillines and texts are still visible. That is not very pro I know and I am sorry D: (for making the work as quickest as possible I don't trace the pages on new paper but erase the old lines under the marker lineart).

End of update. The doujin is coming to an end. After this just a few more pages and it's done. I hope it was worth the long wait.

hopefully soon
Terrace 134 by natsumi33
Terrace 134
This page contains all my thoughts and emotions about nejihina. To sum it up - I always thought they truly depict two sides of a coin that could break the Hyuugas from their curse. I was hoping for Kishimoto to envelope this and dedicate some chapters to the conclusion. So that Neji could truly break free from his cage....ALIVE. So that Hinata would finally be recognized for what she is by the clan/her father.... since she's older than Hanabi and the firstborn. I thought the clan will reunite and make peace.... and that Neji would make the perfect father. With perfect Hyuuga genes. I wanted the boy to live happy in his story. I wanted the girl to become dedicated to something else than Naruto. I wanted too much.
....SO....I MADE THIS.
I hope this will satisfy YOU as much as it did me guys :hug:



Trying my best to improve and not to bury her self after seeing all those wonderful and talented artists on Dev Art :heart: Is a Narutard, Gintamard, animetard, animationtard....

Current Residence: SR
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Personal Quote: "Time waits for no one but i use to watch it flow sometimes :)"
Hello there fellas!

Since I was FINALLY able to complete my movie in time, I'll be able to bring Terrace back for its finale :)

I had a very hard time ever since christmas, without going into details - I had real health problems, my ekzema went crazy and I even raised a gangliome on my hand :D ..... I went on without sleep for a few days here and there, worked during nights and during day I was too tired to do anything constructive. It was a really hard time on my physical and mental health so I restricted my self from thinking about the doujinshi at all...I couldn't bare to think about another story beside the graduation movie... I am very sorry but I realized where my limits are and needed to act accordng to it so I wouldn't break down completely.

There's also the horrible narusaku bashing on tumblr and so on.... I had to take a pause from this.
There's a lot of Hinata-hate spreading and to be honest, I had a very very hard time my self to not shift too much from my viewpoint on her and keep loving her. They made her into a puppet....I hated it. Same with Sakura. Same with Neji. Same with Naruto and Sasuke. I really don't know why Kishimoto didn't see what he had done to his characters but's HIS characters..... I can't complain. He chose to do this and that with them or stick to this and that plan, even though it wasn't the best plan out there imo. I don't care anymore.

To me, the real essence of these characters lies and will always lie in the earliest chapters of the manga and in early shippuuden.

I don't care anymore about the rest.

I still have quite the amount of work on the movie waiting (on the sound especially...) but I met the most important deadline so I can breathe more easilly now.
I'll make sure to update as fast as possible, though I rather won't promise any exact dates. Just writing so I would let you know that I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP ON THE STORY. NOR ON NEJIHINA/NARUSAKU. THE STORY WILL BE FINISHED.

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kimje111 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015
it is great that it will go on,but sad at the same time that it will end.
kimje111 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 12, 2015
It is sad thta terrace will end, but i hope not to soon.
Cannot wait till it goes on.
natsumi33 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015
My uploads are really sow so...even though the story is almost finished, there are still quite a few pages to go ;)
Dacudo65 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hey man I love your stuff. Keep on rocking =)
natsumi33 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015
the-pooper Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015   General Artist
any chance of seeing some Psycho Pass fan arts? :) if you already drew some, I guess I'm over looking them. just wondering if you had any for us to view. ^_^
natsumi33 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015
Awwww, I did some arts on tumblr ;) there's one parody comic and one TsunemorixShinya fanart....just search the art tag or psychopass tag! I have also some sketches so I hope to finish those and upload them soon ^^
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