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Terrace 125 by natsumi33
Terrace 125
Sorry for the last cliffie, but to explain it - each time I update, I try to upload the most coherent pages in row all together. Also, it takes time to outline and color these - a time I could invest into work and school. This doujin is my guilty pleasure, so please, be kind and patient. I love the story so much and it's a real joy to write for you all and spread the happiness, I am doing my best in the current situation and it's really hard to update at all sometimes. So please, don't be too sad about me being a snail, I am really trying ;D
Thank you for all your supportive and beautiful comments <33 :hug:

Also...a note - ever since I've seen the trailer to The hopes for Neji being brought back to life are almost zero. I am really sad now. And I am not the only one, so hopefully...I'll make it up with the end of this story. I'll try to upload it all before the movie is screened, hopefully I'll succeed.
Take care <3

Terrace 124
Terrace 126
Terrace 124 by natsumi33
Terrace 124
Good grief, Kishi, give Neji back you already have lot of dead characters you don't need him dead you need him alive so he can be with Hinata.
If he wasn't dead, I'd assume that the movie will be about the Hyuga clan and finally uniting it.

Terrace 123
Terrace 125


Trying my best to improve and not to bury her self after seeing all those wonderful and talented artists on Dev Art :heart: Is a Narutard, Gintamard, animetard, animationtard....

Current Residence: SR
Favourite genre of music: Too Various to list =D Can be anything, depending on mood and soul
Favourite photographer: sayuri-chan X3
Favourite style of art: Anything that has SOUL
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: The one I's cute.
Shell of choice: A hard one^^
Wallpaper of choice: a shapeshifting OwO
Skin of choice: one should be okay with his-hers XDD
Favourite cartoon character: Iruka and Kurogane, Naruto, Masamune, Ghibli , Ayanami,CLAMP,Takemoto, Jack, Nodame ,Hei, Celty
Personal Quote: "Time waits for no one but i use to watch it flow sometimes :)"
OKAAAAAAAYYYYYY.......I think the marketing department for the Naruto franchise must have developed jonin skills in pouring oil into shipping wars XDDD Like....can they make anything more ambiguous and tense than it already is with the last movie?

Naruto was Hinata's first love, Sakura was Naruto's first love, Sasuke was Sakura's first love..... :'D okay.

But I think that when we talk about "love" in its most pure, selfless form...I'd say that Naruto's love for Sakura wins over all the other ones... I always considered Sakura and Hinata to have developed "crushes", but what I'd call "love" is what Naruto has always felt toward Sakura. Why? She is his priority, no matter the circumstances and no matter her reactions toward him. He never wavered in his decision to confess to her just as he never wavered in saving Sasuke from the darkness and bring him back as his friend. They support each-other more or less since the beginning and whatever they do, they think about the other first. Sakura was ready to die for Naruto's sake more than three times in the show. Whenever she felt worthless and down, he was there to cheer her up. When he was lost in the genjutsu of Itachi, she had freed him, when he was down about breaking his promise the first time, she gave him confidence again and showed, that she's there to support him. When they first met Sasuke after 3 years and Naruto broke down completely, she was the one to say that he'd better stop crying or else they won't be able to do a damn thing. She saved his life with the CPR thing. And so on and so on...I'd say that what these two share is something very special and might be forming love.

In Hinata's case....I'd say that if she wasn't bullied by her clanmates and father, she would have developed feelings for someone else, probably.... (EDIT - not mocking anyone, anything, feel free to disagree, I'll respect that too). I think she fell in love with his nature that she lacked. In Sakura's case - Sasuke was the cool hot guy from the class and again... he was a kind of trophy in her rival battle with Ino. I do feel that her feelings have become more deep and genuine till the chuunin exam....but after that, all she received from "loving"Sasuke was pain, hardship, hurt, depression, her life threatened and she was even willing to go down in the process so Naruto would be finally freed from his "promise". I see her more as a mother character toward Sasuke than anything else - she wants him safe and sound, freed from bad things and harm, back in their team.

Well, what do you think?

At least now we have confirmed that the movie will make one pairing canon, afterall. So someone's minds will get rest... while the others...oh boy.... I'm already scared what'll happen after the movie.

But this was a fun ride, all those years..... I feel like I learned a lot thanks to this show and that it helped my in my life more than I'd admit. I'll feel a bit lonely when it ends and I really do hope that the show WILL END. I really don't want it to be artificially dragged on into silly dimensions and alternate universes only for the sake of making a bit more money with the merch. That would be a disgrace and letting the show die slowly and painfully is a horrible idea. Better off ending it with the movie. Or at least that's my opinion. Although I'll miss it dearly.
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