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I don't know if you already read the lates The Last interview with Kishimoto.....if not, here's a taste of it>>>…

I am so very sorry I didn't reply to most of your messages to the journal before this one, but I wasn't in the state. I tried to answer the notes at least... But I'll make sure to reply to everyone of you properly, once I gather some strength and time - I read all of your comments and I must THANK YOU for bringing up clever things, for revealing your feelings about it and taking your time to read the hugeass entry. I have some deadlines to reach now, so I should probably focus more on my work - but all this NS.The Last business is sucking the strength out of me. I simply can't believe how narrow-minded and mean some people are and why the whole shipping war still isn't over because some people feel the need to trample all over the love of others, even though they are already pretty much lying in dirt. It's a shame and it's just pathetically low and I am glad that it's all going to end very soon, because this all just turned into something that it TOTALLY NOT WORTH ANYONE'S TIME AND ENERGY. I posted my latest opinions on tumblr, so I'm plastering theme here as well. Might not be able to reply again instantly, but I'll try to do it asap. NS fans are broken and feel they have a warped view on love....that's something that shouldn't be happening, so a few words to you first>

To all NH/SS/NS fans>>>
(but especially for NS fans.....)

the interwiev prooved, that NH wasn’t being planned from the beginning and that it was NOT set in stone from chap 1. Also, Kishimoto now openly stated he CONSIDERED the NS route at SOME point (probably early shippuuden)…..but in the end, he just didn’t because he/his editors/they all found it wrong and bad. So there you have it.

We were definitely NOT delusional, we definitely did not read the thing wrong, and the NS route had definitely been established, but they just didn’t choose it.

Therefore, there’s no reason for NS shippers to feel bad, stupid, with warped view on what is love because the love was there at some point and we filtered it through our own cultural filter. Hope this calms you a bit. And yeah, Naruto didn’t move on. He basically straight out gave up. Because he has seen Sakura’s resolve and considered it admirable virtue. That’s the reason why he didn’t confess. And that is also why we probably won’t see any confession at all - because it just would be pointless. Because the man has his pride and he also respects the woman’s choice. I still would’ve wished, that Kishimoto stepped outside the box and made Naruto fight for her - because he, more than ANYONE IN THE MANGA, had seen fisrt-hand how much Sasuke had hurt Sakura. If he found it wrong, he should’ve fought. He should’ve never given up on her. I highly doubt that Kishimoto decided on NH such a long time ago and feel more like he left everyone in a thick haze, serving us NH moments and right after NS moments. Till the very last chapters.

But that’s all over now. We can only respect the outcome and force our selves into belief, that the end is happy for everyone. Even if it’s not happy for us. And yes, if you feel that the end is wrong in any kind of way, just stick to it, because that’s one way looking at it and it’s NOT wrong.

IS Kishimoto sexist?

After my rage calmed down a bit I realized that we’re talking about Eastern manga, not a western comic. The view and opinion on woman from a Japanese POV hasn’t been as clear as day to me till this very moment. Till I read those lines.

I am still very angry but I am really trying to understand that what we may see as sexist, they see it as a virtue. Giving up on someone you love and moving on because he’s abusive may seem like a good idea to us (and the best idea IMO), but to Japanese, apparently - it means betrayal of your first feelings when you fell for that person and the betrayal of your pride. So to portray Sakura and Hinata never giving up on their first love, Kishimoto felt that this is the best way how to make the women look "loyal, enduring, chaste, virtuous, strong, unwavering"..Naruto has seen Sakura’s resolve and he loved her for it. At the same time, this very resolve was what hindered them to be together on a romantic level, I guess. Because he would never force him self on her. Because she wouldn’t forgive her self for not saving Sasuke and being by his side, when she claimed how much she loved him at first. This all kind of feels like the outer appearance is so very important in Japan  - once you claim something out loud, you have to stick to it, or else they’ll make fun of you/or you’ll seem as a hypocryte. That’s true pride and even though it is kind of admirable, it can result in terrible pain and hurt for that person….There are just so many suicides in Japan out fo seemingly petty reasons… the people there bend under the pressure of society, some break some don’t…… But it all suddenly is so much clearer to me now.

Which doesn’t mean that I am totally fine with it or support this view fully. To me, the right thing for Sakura would’ve been to move on and show that she’s worth of being loved and treated with care and respect.

To Kishimoto, the right thing was to show that one should always stand by his decision from start to finish, no matter the consequences - and that makes you admirable and mature and strong.

Bot POVs are right. The difference is in considering the  “consequences” of choices and the way we deal with those.


It’s 2014 today, the manga started in 1999…. things have changed in Japan as well and I am sure that even the opinion of Japanese women has changed. I am also sure that many female readers will be upset by this statement and that is good. That’s why, even though in Europe and US Kishimoto’s view must seem horribly sexist and plain..ridiculous…. He’s basically no sexist -he just happened to be born in Japan and raised by a culture that has a different views on virtue than we do. Which is okay. Which still doesn’t make me obligatory to like it/fully accept it…..but I do understand at least and that’s why I don’t want to be too angry with him.

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Dear deviants who have been following me for my stories, I want to thank you for pulling out the best of me and for being one of the reasons to grow as a person and an artist. Naruto has been my personal reason for starting to share my stories with the internet audience, till then, I just didn't have much courage to do so. Hinata was the first character who gave me the courage and Neji was pretty much my first crush in the series, I can't even form out in words how much they meant to me and how wonderful it was to see them reform their bond in the manga/anime. Naruto's and Sakura's relationship was one of my biggest inspirations and The uneasy Question was the first comic I published online to an overseas audience. I never expected it to become so loved among you and I never expected to spend two more years on the sequel. Same with Terrace. I've been a huge KakaIru and Naru/Sasu fan before, trying my first doujinshi about them as well, but I published them only in my native language to a local website. I'll think about making those available, but I'm not sure whether I still have the energy to do so. I never finished the SasuNaru doujin though, because NaruSaku has won my heart completely.
All in all, Naruto was my reason to become a better stronger person. I met a lot of people thanks to it who made a huge impact on my life and opinions and basically formed me to who I am today. It meant a lot to me and it always will, no matter how I disliked the two last chapters, no matter my pain now.

I only can say that I respect Kishimoto for being able to publish it for 15 years without major mental breakdowns. But I also have to say that the end could've been so much better in my eyes, if certain events would've been fully explained or given more space throughout the manga. It hurts me to see that everything Sakura went through, all the developement was basically for nothing. That Hinata in the end didn't prove to be the heiress I envisioned her to become, that Sasuke didn't truly repent for his sins and was so easilly forgiven by Sakura, no matter how much pain he pulled her through, without showing much emotion or regret. I am so sorry to see Naruto as a father who doesn't understand a child's loneliness, even though he went through the same. Becoming hokage only thanks to Kakashi. I hate to see Konoha's beautiful architecture being surrounded and ruined by scyscrapers. I hate to see Kiba as a dog-lover who is annoyed by his dog being old and acting old because he's...well....old. There are a lot of things I am sad for, many things that dissapont me but I know that I eventually will come at peace with them.

I have not much energy and time left to write my thoughts on this out, so I'll copy-paste the things I've wrote on tumblr. If anyone of you is interested to read all my thoughts, feel free to go to and search for my tags > Naruto 700, narusaku, rant, the end.

I will have to take a break from this, so I won't be able to reply to your messages instantly. I've spent way too much time on tumblr's narusaku tags and I don't want to make my self any more sad than I already am. So thank you for following my devart, I'll make sure to make a juicy and beautiful end to Terrace for all of you!!!!
I am now at peace with NaruHina, since I am happy for Hinata. I am only sad that if this was truly planned from the start, it should've been given a lot more panel-space. The amount of the blatant NaruSaku parallels, hints, foreshadowing was all for nothing. Road to ninja was for nothing. Well, maybe except for you beautiful people to gain creativity, love and connections through it. If there's anything positive that you learned or gained from narusaku, make it your precious keepsake and move on.

For anyone interested on reading, here's some of the copy-paste from tumblr>>>>>>


The true killer was money, not the writer

Before I completely shut my mouth about all this stuff (which will happen soon enough)… After giving it all deeper thought - I do believe that many of the shippuuden fillers+ RTN+all the things in the manga that so many of you summed up so nicely+basically most of the Naruto merch/fliers/posters for events promoting products and such featuring Naruto and Sakura+ all the SJ covers where these two were paired up …….may have been a VERY desperate try from Kishimoto’s side to actually make NS more popular among the readers.

It’s possible he intended to make NS endgame, untill certain chapters/episodes boosted up popularity of Hinata and Sasuke, NH/SS…and that’s when SJ decided to try force a different route on Kishimoto because of the merch and the sales. There’ve been so many hints at NS and the RTN movie was basically one big NS thing, written by *cough* Kishimoto - the editors/SJ/chiefs probably gave him all the money and untied temporary his hands to at least try and make the main chara pair up with the main fem….. And when ….not even RTN helped to make NS more popular than the other ships, he probably have to give it all up for the sake of sales and numbers, his reputation among SJ staff and possibly, for the sake of his own future as a storywriter. There’s just no way he could’ve gone against anything the higher ups ppl would be rooting for. We all know Hinata was the most beloved character of the Pierott studio and possibly many other males (or maybe even females) among SJ workers and higher-ranked people who had something to do with the work on NARUTO. So my theory is that NS had a campaign, but it just didn’t work out, it didn’t sell. Then they made the NH cover and maybe the particular volume had gotten really high sales and that’s when it was almost 100 percently decided to turn the route to NH/SS.

Utakata hanabi, For You, The 10th ending on the beach where the sea ACTUALLY ERASED SasukexSakura lovelovegasa thing andSasuke’s name was scribbled over…… and most of all THE FRIGGIN OVA!!!)…remind your self of the fillers….you’ll see that there was a genuine effort to boost the popularity of NS.If you think about it and remind your self of all the openings, the ending themes (such as Long kiss goodbye,Mayonaka  no orchestra,

In Japan, the publishers have the real power over the storytelling and can drag a series on however they like, (as a good and knowledgable friend told me), if it makes enough money, while they are able to dictate an abrupt end to serialisations that don’t have a good ranking, so they can get new talents who could rank higher and bring them more money, naturally. Kishimoto’s Naruto was such a hype in the whole world, in many countries…and so… There’s just no way possible Kishimoto could’ve just left SJ, no matter how much he didn’t like what they did to his story. My dear friend Kiji is actually writing thesis on this theme and knows a lot about this publishing business in Japan…..and pretty much confirmed what I was so afraid of - that indeed, Kishimoto probably didn’t have much to say into making his own thing.

Japanese people have a different kind of pride and mentality, very big sense of responsibility for co-workers and their job. Whatever Kishimoto had been told, if he didn’t like it, he probably had to suck it up and walk forward without looking back.For the sake of the group, for the sake of the majority. This is how Japanese people think. They just can’t afford to be selfish, even if it would cost them their health, family life or even meant to give up their personal opinions on something, such as what is and isn’t good for the story.

Kishimoto pretty much left the door open to any kind of ending. Sakura seemed to like both boys  on the same level at least, in different ways though - I can’t imagine her not even looking at Naruto in the end and responding only to what Sasuke had to say. It was just silly and I didn’t feel any kind of team 7 spirit in there - it was just Sakura being focused on Sasuke again, Sasuke being the target of everyone’s attention again…and Naruto, sadly, being the selfless guy who accepted that Sakura is happy about Sasuke and pretty much….being just happy for the both of them….without receiving any affection in the particular moment…again. Sakura was so fixed on Naruto’s feelings, actions, words before, even his opinion on whether or not she’s in the way (hence, the lava thing). She even thanked him in her head. And suddenly, she’s just focused on Sasuke? It doesn’t make sense.

We all need the movie to wrap things up and make the horribly huge timeskip at least a bit believable and less of a shock. Which in it self is proof that all SJ/Pierott wants is to make money. They even prepare a spinoff already, made all the kunnoichi preggers out of this very reason(would it hurt if at least one or two of them actually…WEREN’T MOTHERS AT THE GIVEN TIME? Would it hurt THAT much?).

And the last thing……anyone who has at least basic knowledge about SJ is aware, that even though it’s shonen magazine, so many many girls and women read it. Shonen is so popular, because its stories always offer a bit of everything for everyone - action, drama, friendship, powerful message, romance, comedy…. The amount of male characters is attractive for BOTH men and women. Many many popular shoujo mangas always feature the dark dangerous boy who somehow struggles with his feelings toward the young fem lead and he has this bitter personality or dark past or he’s violent or a player. Many of these bad boys act quite viscious toward the girl but in the end the power of love wins and the boy changes a bit and they fall in love. Girls dig this stuff mostly and this is why I believe that SS had so many supporters. I am sure that more than a half of these were young women reading shonen and shoujo and SS reflected the shoujo ideal quite much.

As for NH - I believe that the young males who have seen them selves in Naruto would’ve loved to have someone like Hinata by their side - a pure and gentle woman who is loyal and doesn’t waver in her feelings. Sakura on the other hand wasn’t sure about her feelings toward Naruto. She always loved Sasuke, but we never knew what her actions toward Naruto meant. Most of the sentences were cut off mid. We never gotten them properly explained and could only assume, according to what was presented in the comic. I am sure if Yamato had actually FINISHED his sentence and Kishimoto actually showed Sakura’s reaction, things woud’ve been so much different. If Naruto had the chance to talk to Hinata or Sakura after their confessions, again, the writer would’ve been forced to show the readers the true feelings of the characters. But since it’s shonen, we didn’t get any of these….because there’s just not enough space to explain it, when the manga has such a complex plot with many characters and everyone is attacking someone and fighting someone in order not to let the manga dry out or slow down too much.

After every Hinata scene we immediately got a Sakura scene….which only prooves that SJ was cerfully watching and analyzing reader’s feelings and waiting for possible feedback on the events on the net or fanpost or sales. It’s like having two horses run a race next to each other….this is how these scenes were presented. They made a race and waited up which of the horses had better chances to captivate the audience. Hinata with her neverchanging feelings probably won it, because till then, the readers had enough of Sakura’s unclear, indecisive feelings and her lack of acting more gentle toward Naruto in a physical sense. The fillers always took this too far and so…in the end, it seemed that Sakura acted only violent toward Naruto most of the time, while it wasn’t the truth in the manga. Hinata was always kind in the fillers, they never made her look bad in any way. Thus, logically, she’d be more popular among boy readers. Winning the race, even though her paneltime was so pitifully low.

I also do believe that the ending Michi to You all was meant to be the actual end to the series…a paralell to it.

But the end is already behind us, the deed is done and noone can turn time backwards. These are theories …and well…… Maybe I’m not even right. Maybe everything that happened was really planned from the start, only in a different robe……who knows. We’ll never know. But I am firm in my belief that money was what truly killed NaruSaku. IT killed it off even before the writing could.

If I had the proof that this was not the case, I’d feel so much better. No matter the end, if I had real proof that Kishimoto wanted this, then I’d be a bit more at peace - but still wouldn’t consider the ending to be good writing. But I can’t even trust what he says in interviews, it’s really not like he can SAY what HE wants just like that. He always had to be extra careful not to take sides, not to spoil, not to hint too obviously…..and that’s why we never had 100 percently accurate info on basically anything. What SJ dictates is final. If Kishimoto wants to keep publishing things, he can’t make anyone in the industry angry. That is fact.

I have no idea whether or not my thoughts seem legit. I won’t have the chance to see for my self or ask Kishimoto personally among four eyes over a bowl of ramen, without him having to actually worry that I’d spill his real thoughts out to the world or make it viral on 4chan or sell it to some newspaper…. The moment his foot stepped onto the SJ ground, the pact was sealed and his life was never just his, I am sure of that.

All in all, he achieved something really big and really great and deserves respect for it. Sadly, I felt that he went against his own messages, for one reason or another…. I wish it wasn’t the case, but I definitely got this feeling while reading the last chapter of a 15 years long journey of him and a 12 year long journey of mine.

NS will always have my support, but I have accepted whatever the ending  is and whatever pairings there are. One day I may be even laughing about all of this. Hopefully we all will. Peace ♥

(Reply to a person bashing LAdy GT for being dissapointed:)

It’s been said before but I just have to say it again - being a true fan doesn’t mean that you automatically must love EVERYTHING TO THE LAST MOLECULE about the author’s way of doing a story. If the author suddenly screws up something, then it’s only natural that you’d feel upset/sad/perplexed…. and it’s only natural to let all these feelings out - or else one could just explode from all the negativity bottled up inside. Why should ANYONE shut up about this, even more so, that we already spent hours and hours of thining/analyzing/fangirling/fanboying over this particular story of this particular artist. That the manga ended after 15 years of our ranting about it to friends, classmates, fellow fans and anti-fans is even agreater reason to let everything out what you think and thought about the manga and the author. The hype will gradually fade after a story like this ends, so why not talking about it till it is still fresh?? There are many people who truly think that the manga had been worse and worse ever since the start of the kage summitt - people talked about it years ago and these remarks existed even back then. It’s because we were the people following the manga even after we felt that it’s getting worse bit by bit that the ending hurt so much - I think being a true fan means exactly this. You lvoe the thing so you just follow it till the bitter end, even if it’s getting worse. But you know - there’s NO clear definition of what a true fan is - there are as many true fans as there are people dedicated to a fandom - each of them has their personal definition of what it means to be a true fan and there’s no way you can really judge anyone for not being enough of a fan. That’s ridiculous. So just wanted to point this out. I think everyone has already accepted whatever happened in the last chapter…but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. Sorry about this.

A- Sakura still doesn’t know that it was a bunshin that complimented her forehead and she was about to kiss Naruto there.
Apparently Naruto’s soul is what Sakura would’ve loved if it had Sasuke’s appearance back then.
B-Naruto doesn’t know Sakura gave him CPR and made his heart beat again…with her bare hands. Nobody told. Guess not important?
C-no confession even after completing his promise of the lifetime. Did Naruto chicken out of it?Do we at least get to see it in the movie.
D- Yamato’s words….yeah…well…
E-Sai’s words….yeaaaaaah….. right.
F-Minato’s remarks…..riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

G-Sakura’s ultrafake ultrahurt smile when Sasuke came back.
H-Sakura had forgotten that once Naruto went Fourtails, it was her crying “Stop this I’ll bring Sasuke back for you”…
I-Wasn’t Kakashi pointing out to Sasuke just a few chaps ago….that Sakura isn’t naive lovelove girl and she just wants him back because she cares so much it makes her heart break?
It also was Kakashi who has seen that Sakura’s feelings toward Sasuke changed and that her love is of a different kind now.Why would you even bother saying that…when…

J-The Databook…..the newest one. Why would they bother. I don’t understand anything anymore(??)

I don’t know guys… I really try hard to chew the canon end, but it would surely be easier if these things would’ve gotten resolved in the last chaps..
Instead of making a hugeass timeskip, I’d rather would’ve seen all this explained somehow… If NH/SS was supposed to be endgame from the start, these little things should’ve been fixed. Just saying. Talk no jusu was always so powerful, yet, it seems so many words just slipped and made an impression, only to be forgotten in the end. So sad.

Something I want all of you to think about…

Kishimoto just ended his own manga after 15 years, congratz. The journey meant a lot to me and two chapters simply won’t erase all the things I received from it for 12 effing years. I hope, it’s the same for you guys, I really really hope once you’ve cried enough and raged enough, you’ll come to peace with this and share my feelings. I am really amazed at how positive you all tried to be for the most part - that is also something that’ll remain burned into my memory as a spectacular thing about the NS fandom and a spectacular part of my young adulthood.

I’ve spent more than two years creating The uneasy Question, its sequel and another two years I dedicated to Terrace. It’s thanks to Narusaku and Nejihina that I actually gathered courage to publish these comics on the internet and realize the joy of sharing stories with a wider public. These two stories manifest my feelings and beliefs of what I felt would’ve been right,they maifest everything I loved about the characters and their growth. It’s been an enjoyable ride and I am happy that Naruto, Sakura, Neji and Hinata have become such an inspiring source for stories and even self-growth to me. No matter how the story ended, this is an undeniable fact to me. I’ll make sure to write Terrace till end and hopefully ease your pain. Take care!

♥ ♥ ♥

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OKAAAAAAAYYYYYY.......I think the marketing department for the Naruto franchise must have developed jonin skills in pouring oil into shipping wars XDDD Like....can they make anything more ambiguous and tense than it already is with the last movie?

Naruto was Hinata's first love, Sakura was Naruto's first love, Sasuke was Sakura's first love..... :'D okay.

But I think that when we talk about "love" in its most pure, selfless form...I'd say that Naruto's love for Sakura wins over all the other ones... I always considered Sakura and Hinata to have developed "crushes", but what I'd call "love" is what Naruto has always felt toward Sakura. Why? She is his priority, no matter the circumstances and no matter her reactions toward him. He never wavered in his decision to confess to her just as he never wavered in saving Sasuke from the darkness and bring him back as his friend. They support each-other more or less since the beginning and whatever they do, they think about the other first. Sakura was ready to die for Naruto's sake more than three times in the show. Whenever she felt worthless and down, he was there to cheer her up. When he was lost in the genjutsu of Itachi, she had freed him, when he was down about breaking his promise the first time, she gave him confidence again and showed, that she's there to support him. When they first met Sasuke after 3 years and Naruto broke down completely, she was the one to say that he'd better stop crying or else they won't be able to do a damn thing. She saved his life with the CPR thing. And so on and so on...I'd say that what these two share is something very special and might be forming love.

In Hinata's case....I'd say that if she wasn't bullied by her clanmates and father, she would have developed feelings for someone else, probably.... (EDIT - not mocking anyone, anything, feel free to disagree, I'll respect that too). I think she fell in love with his nature that she lacked. In Sakura's case - Sasuke was the cool hot guy from the class and again... he was a kind of trophy in her rival battle with Ino. I do feel that her feelings have become more deep and genuine till the chuunin exam....but after that, all she received from "loving"Sasuke was pain, hardship, hurt, depression, her life threatened and she was even willing to go down in the process so Naruto would be finally freed from his "promise". I see her more as a mother character toward Sasuke than anything else - she wants him safe and sound, freed from bad things and harm, back in their team.

Well, what do you think?

At least now we have confirmed that the movie will make one pairing canon, afterall. So someone's minds will get rest... while the others...oh boy.... I'm already scared what'll happen after the movie.

But this was a fun ride, all those years..... I feel like I learned a lot thanks to this show and that it helped my in my life more than I'd admit. I'll feel a bit lonely when it ends and I really do hope that the show WILL END. I really don't want it to be artificially dragged on into silly dimensions and alternate universes only for the sake of making a bit more money with the merch. That would be a disgrace and letting the show die slowly and painfully is a horrible idea. Better off ending it with the movie. Or at least that's my opinion. Although I'll miss it dearly.
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Hi guys!!

I know it's been OVER A CENTURY since the last update, but I can assure you that I still work on TERRACE and it WILL CONTINUE! ♥
If anyone cares for spoilers, read the end of the journal under the stars border.

I've been ridiculously busy with many unpleasant unexpected things, still working on the graduand movie, still not completed, although I managed to animate almost everything except 2 cuts and the title sequence.
I still don't have 80 percent of backgrounds done.
I'm doing postproduction now, still crying about my uselessness and lack of skill but I managed to keep a straight face in front of the teachers at least. I'm going through a LOT unpleasant things now, at school, in personal, health-wise, at home....I don't know whether this is some conspiracy against me :'D ? *looks at the skies*

Also......the recent events in the manga are OVERWHELMING!!! OAO; It seems NAruto is at its total peak and people claim that it ends THIS YEAR. It's hard to beleive, after 15 years.....I better finish Terrace before the manga ends!!! >_____<; looks like I don't have much time left. Also, hyped about the movie (unofficial release date is October 17th) - Naruto's design looks RAD!!!! >//////////<;…

It seems the turmoil among SS NS fans is huge but I was pleasantly surprised by some really kind and mature folks who actually supported people in their NOTP tags on tumblr. This is how it should be, this is how people could enjoy their manga in peace. Although I do CRAVE for a NS moment or a color spread or whatever Kishimoto-sensei is willing to this point I should be at peace with whatever the outcome of the manga will/shall be. NaruSaku has been a pleasant ride (more than so), I have my reasons for supporting the ships I support, just as other people have their reasons to support other ships, no matter the canon events. We all should just enjoy the finale because there's more to it than shipping.
I guess.
I suppose.



TERRACE SPOILERS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

So...if anyone is still following Kenji Taira's spinoff......... I was BLOWN AWAY.
His chapter about the Hyuugas was......way....too what I had planned for Neji and Hinata.
This said.....I still am going to continue Terrace, even though it feels really really REALLY AWKWARD NOW.......... REALLY. A LOT.
Maybe our minds are linked who knows.
But it also made me kinda happy because now Hizashi doesn't seem OOC at all :'D Given that such moment as he had in the spinoff is approoved by Taira and Kishimoto.
I was a bit surprised at how Hanabi is agressive toward her sister :) Terrace's Hanabi is way more ...... cuddly.
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N21-sa , thanks for the info about no episode this week.......Still......not matter which week it will air, it will still happen the next time of Shippuuden T____T; Neji is done for oh noes, the preview made me all wobbly and sad already haha.
Strangely, I am really curious how they'll direct the episode and the animation. I'm an animation masochist.
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So hi there fellas! I hope you've all been well!

Thanks for all the prayers, good wishes and any kind of mental/physical support - it means a lot and I really started to feel like I'm not completely alone in this.

I've been working, animating, writing, inking and I spent quite the amount of time sulking and thinking about the future and things I did wrong. There was a kind of switch inside of me that turned from ON to OFF and suddenly I was completely calm even knowing that I won't be able to pull the whole movie off till deadline.
 The school prolonged the deadline from end of January to end of March, but being totally worn off/disguisted by various things/including my self/tired/unmotivated... I didn't have any strength left to finish the movie.

I went to discuss things with the education department and the sub-dean only to find out that the dean never planned to let anyone graduate in August. (so I was doomed from the very start, haha)...I can't really blame him, since many students tend to make everything till the last possible moment, which sometimes escalates into big problems. He needed to draw the line and I guess I just got caught up into this. (although .... I am basically very lucky because I really needed some kick to get things done and sort out my problems).
This really forced me to think about many many things and even though it ended up like this, I don't regret a thing. I was doing what I could at the time and if it wasn't enough, then I need to move on.

So now I'll be studying for one more year and I have approx 10 months to finish the whole movie. I already have half of it done, technically, and I only need to animate 43 more scenes to have the whole thing animated. The backgrounds are a real pain and I'll probably have to change my way of work to get those done too. The biggest problem is the outlines and coloring which takes immense amounts of time for me. But I have a few good friends to help me out, even if it's just a little bit :) (Smile)

Now that I have more time I can be calmer and the coloring doesn't rush anymore. But I'll have to keep watch over my procrastinating and really make the most of this second chance.

The only unpleasant thing is that I will have to pay a fat sum of money to the school and the feeling of being "stuck" in one place/point in life will remain for a little longer. But I am really really happy. The heavy stress and the feeling of a heavy load dissappeared now and my family also calmed down a bit. They went through the same stress with me - seeing me suffer everyday for things I somehow couldn't really sort out was a heavy burden for them. It made me the more sad.

When the whole situation calms down a bit more, I'll probably slowly start uploading some things and get back to the comic Heart Don't expect too much but I am really looking forward to refresh Terrace.

So that's all for the news, hope you had a better start into this spring because seriously, these past 10 months have been brutal for me.

Take good care!


OMG GAI DON'T YOU DARE KICK THE BUCKET NO!!!!(ngh, Lee's team is falling completely apart T__T; Kishimoto, you cruel monster you. I really should finish the LeeTen thing to brighten this mood up).
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GOODNESS 663!!!!!


Brushing aside my total astonishement because I SERIOUSLY WAS EXPECTING EVERYTHING BUT NOT THIS AND....OH MY!!!!
.....let's appreciate Sakura's perf Neo-Matrix-like medical skills and her determination to save the man. I just love her facial expressions, it's pure badassry.
Them haters can go home because......what more is Sakura supposed to do to prove her self. She has proven to be strong, determined, caring, loving and being ironwilled throughout the story....wasn't still enough for so many people. Now she's saving the MAN, she's not thinking twice, she's still remembering his dream and this is proof that she cares deeply for him.
This wasn;t romance, this was Sakura's bloom.

EDIT>>>> NOT TO FORGET!!!! KARIN AND WHOLE TAKA KICK ASSSS WHOOOO!!! :boogie: Karin is on par with Kushina basically! This is no comic-relief, Karin cares for him really much :( <3

And I'm not sure if you know the news, but Kishimoto's father passed away Jan 18th :( So he must have a really hard time on him. The manga at its finale and he has to keep it all together.

On a funnier note - it's the second time mouths touch in the manga, first time it's two boys kissin', now it's CPR :'D Awwww Kishimoto!
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May your hlidays be really awesome, filled with good things and people you love Heart Christmas Tree Snowflake Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

(there's no snow here, I am kind of sad D:> but there's a lot of it looks at least a bit winterish.)
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...Guys, guys.....

I'am TREMENDOUSLY SORRY for not updating Terrace for so long...but I am currently being surrounded by schedules, work on graduand movie and tons of anxieties about everything possible.
I've written a journal on my other account as well a while ago, so I thought it would be nice to let you guys over here know as well.

Terrace will be updated as soon as it is possible (though the LeexTen part), when I find some reserve mental strength to make it possible. I am actually really looking forward to it - so the reason of not updating isn't that I've given up on it/am tired of's just that I REALLY CAN'T.
Since I also can't guarantee any real and stable'll just say that I expect to kick my buttock to make the update possible sometimes around November/December.

For the people who really wanted to get their dashboards spammed by craptons of horrible anime and gaming tumblr link:

Take good care guys and please, keep supporting me :heart:

All the best to you!
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Soooo, there's a new coverart for the 66th volume.

Sakura's hairstyle has changed and her forehead is now covered.

Aside from the fact she looks ultra adorable, what do you think this may hint at? Does it carry any significance?

Since the start of the story, Sakura wanted her forehead to be kissed by Saskay, maybeeee...just...MAYBEEE......this means she's....

finally over him? OAO <3
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I wanted to thank for all the lovely comments on TERRACE and for all the support! :heart:

Unfortunately, summer break isn't a summer break for me at all, since I'm on university :(
Next year I'll have to finish a graduand animated film of 10 minutes length....It's quite much for one person to deal with... and even though a year may sound like a ton of time, I can assure you that this is really not the case in animation.

I am trying to work on the movie bit by bit every day and I kind of lack energy when I come home.

There's also another long-running fan-comic I'm doing over at :iconraintalker: and several other things that I can deal with only please, bear with me a bit more, all you people who are so eager to read Terrace... I'll be sure to upload the whole comic with my own pace, because I can't promise any regular update.

I tried to make this a regular one, with one update per week...but I guess I lack organization skills and energy on that for now :( Shame on me but I can't promise anything more than this.

Thank you for the patience, all new watchers welcome and I wish you a really great summer guys!

Take care!
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That smile Sakura gave Sai....that hit hard :(

There's one thing Kishimoto is a true master of - it's drawing these emotional expressions. You can read them so nicely, you can feel the emotion of those. He can draw various smiles and each will have a different meaning behind it. It's really something special.


.... I can almost hear the moans of sasusaku fans :( ouch.... (and the sasukarin fans rejoyced because yes, Karin is so hardcore she can handle even sasuke's bitterness and turn it into something special)

 But you know - I admired Sakura for being intelligent and strong. She's not the type of character who would go forever into fangirl mode because of a man who had hurt her more  and more and over and over again...just because she liked him in the past.

 I hope Kishimoto shows the female readers that they need to distance them selves from these kind of hurtful relationships with men who don't deserve their love. Sakura is the main heroine of the manga - she is basically the main rolemodel for the females *EDIT* Saying she has more screentime than her girl peers so she has a bigger chance to be a rolemodel - not that every girl has to take her for one ;) *....and I wish she'd show them that they can like someone but they need to break free from curses like such relationships.

This is not shoujo manga where they teach girls that someone who is mean to you and hurts you has feelings for you.*EDIT* I'm not saying that shoujo generally is like that - I'm saying that it's something to be seen in shoujo... sorry*
TRUTH IS -  hurting people on purpose as some kind of twisted form of love is WRONG. A bad boy will remain bad.... in 99 percent cases, the woman's feelings won't change her man's bad attitude.... and they end up hurt even more.

 I'm glad the story prooved once more that Sakura changed A LOT and that she won't be manipulated through her faded feelings and status as Sasuke-fangirl.
You can clearly see she still likes Sasuke...but her priority right now seems to be protecting the good people, fighting for what is right and we may see in the upcomming chapters - choosing ONE side. Either Naruto's or Sasuke's. I am almost certain now that whatever Sasuke would try to do to Naruto, she wouldn't just stand by and would protect Naruto.

From all the girls in the Narutoverse she is the one facing the most pain - being bullied as a child, having unrequited love, being left heartbroken and hurt, facing Sasuke's change for the worse and seeing Naruto being torn apart because of her and Sasuke, facing Naruto's feelings toward her which she didn't want to accept yet couldn't help but respect them.... facing Naruto's demons when he was in the kyuubi-mode.... facing Naruto's tragic past in the RTN movie, even trying to sacrifice her comfort for his smile ..... and now in the end - facing that Team 7 will probably never be like it used to be oficcially... I think her tears in the previous chapter were a sign that she already knew about the foolishness of her and Naruto's dream for a team 7 reunion. :(
(if I would compare this to Hinata's tough childhood, it seems that her own pains have already been conquered and erased and were left back in her past self. Sakura, though, is facing these pains for several years now....).

And Kakashi...oh God. T____T PLZ DON'T KISHIMOTO. (Or what...I don't even know what I want....Kakashi dying together with Obito is somehow....atoning? for them both? But the thought is really....ngh....not good).
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OKAY. I'm not sure what to feel any more...for now, there's this feeling of WTF and pure bliss clashing together like two ocean waves.... 8'D I do enjoy it.…


NARUSAKU FTW! Like...girl didn't even...DENY it. Minato, you can see right through Kishimoto's plotting.
And Saskay must be tired.... poor baby. Thinking about being kage, you just go and take a nap, baby. It'll be okay.

Seriously, I was just laughing.... I don't care about the plot's seriousness's all been ruined before....but who cares..... I think the amount of awkwardness is overweighted by my sheer happiness that Team 7 is standing together again and that Sakura didn't deny you know what...and that Minato pointed you know what out...and that...Sakura is TRULY a GREAT character and had shown that she's not a crybaby, not a stupid girl who's going for a guy for his looks and cool aura and didn't jump into Saskay's arms after being called by name from him..... And that she's standing firmly behind Naruto.
Actually...the whole thing ending with Sakura becomming the hokage....Man....THAT WOULD BE PRETTY EPIC?


Ahhhhh, the narusaku is officially back! It's not my wishful thinking. It's not us fans being biased nor narrow-minded..... we just saw what was truly there. :heart:

To Hinata's strange it all, I kinda'feel bad for her :/ She heard Naruto talking about Sakura being practically his girlfriend..OUCH. But it just confirmed what we already believed, that Naruto doesn't claim things just like that and if he claims to love the pink girl, then he means it.
But just saw Hinata making that expression again, when Saskay arrived and Sakura eeked out his name.... I do believe that she might be the one to ask Sakura about her own feelings and choose between the two men. Hinata's expression kinda made me shudder....she seemed neutral that it's almost scary. And she was the only one who didn't say a word.... Who knows what happens next.
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So yes, it's official - Masashi Kishimoto is aiming to run a new manga, this time it's a seinen manga about mafia!
Link to interview: (hadn't read it fully but I was excited to post this and share it with you guys)…
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I just updated this entry so I can say out loud how adorable, cute and awesome Sakura is with her "shannaro".

It feels so much more "at home" when she's there in the manga. And yes, the first thing she thinks about once she's finally back in the manga is Naruto. You never let me down, girl.
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So....Minato is dashing off to meet Naruto!!! OH THE FEELINGS I FEEL! :heart:
So....with all the zombies and characters and allies and friends and.... nonfriends.....the battlefield will turn into one big dancefloor party.


And the best thing - is it me, or did Sasuke's face drastically...changed? He seems like a totally different person - even the hairstyle! A while ago he was all dark and fuzzy...even his hair seems to have calmed down :'D
AND KARIN, YOU ROCK! :dance: :heart: SasuKarin for the win guys!
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I never thought there would be time when a filler would be more emotional than some of the actual canon episodes
And with Terrace running and being quite close to that filler plot in one way or another..... I am absolutely sure, Neji loved Hinata - or at least, the anime staff is trying their best to make us believe it.

It seriously made me cry.


Basically, it was about Hinata undergoing special senbon training with Neji, because her father doesn't give a damn about her and is on a trip with Hanabi. (yeah, so they really want to make her the heir at that time - it was around the time when Sasuke was still in the village). Neji's being a real ass to her like ussual (while being all happy inside that he's helping her I'm sure of it). He exhausts her so much that she goes blind temporaly, not being able to watch some firework show that was supposed to take place in honor of Tsunade becoming Hokage.
Both Sakura and Neji are being really bitchy and mean. Sakura wanting to pair Hinata with Naruto, so she could be alone with Sasuke. But as Hinata goes blind, Neji is being approached by Naruto and Sakura, who are worried about her state. Neji brushes them off with his ussual I- couldn't- care- less -attitude (but deep inside again, he's being worried).
He and Hinata are alone in the mansion and he secretly follows her every step to make sure, she won't bump into a cat, or break a cup, or trip over.... Hinata is not aware of his presence and his secret act of kindness.
Her eyes aren't okay and she won't be able to heal until the firework-yay-day....So Neji sets off to find a cure for her into some misty valley filled with eyeless brutal ninjas. Naruto and Sakura join him, because they've been eavesdropping on him and understood that he's just a tsundere and actually has a soft spot for Hinata. They want to help him. They help him. Naruto is all over Sakura btw. Sakura is totally pissed.
In the end they almost die there.... but are saved by Guy and Kakashi, who were on patroll.
The most gruesome thing is the subtle (or not so subtle?) hint, that the valley is filled with branch-Hyuga / ninjas who lost their eyesight and evolved into wild human who don't even need eyes? (did I get this right?). There is probably no cure down there in the walley..... or is impossible to get from there.

During the last minutes we get to see all kinds of pairing love, adorable Lee and Tenten on the roof, Team 7 love, Asuma Kurenai love.....Shika Ino love....
And a blindfolded Hinata sitting on their terrace, listening to the fireworks, with Neji hiding in a shadown behind her back, who's watching over her * internal scream of pain*
He's smiling. *must be masochist...while acting sadistically*


And we get to see the current badass Hyuuga duo, back to back, in the fight - Hinata thanking Neji for protecting her and encouraging him. Sayin she will protect him as he did.
They have this epic moment.
And the end.

And I'm crying.
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Neji's beautiful back.
That fiery bird.
The symbolism.
Too much to handle.
I am in denial.
This cover never existed.
*erasing temporary memory*

Just by the way. If that fiery bird is a Phoenix, maybe Neji will rise from the ashes again, right? Only good thing to say about it.

Sorry naruhina...I just....I really...don't like you, okay? I'm sorry.
But yeah, let them naruhina be and have their blissfull feelings.
I'm at peace.
I hope.

And tommorow, the nejihina filler :iconblushingplz: Excited.
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So apparently, the next filler 306 will be about Neji and Hinata.
Because they need to deepen their bond and make viewers sob so that they can butcher Neji in the most painful way possible later.

On the other hand. Kishimoto-sensei, you need fillers to deepen the bonds of characters. That's no good D:

And on a third note> I AM SO HAPPY. It hurts so bad, but I am so happy that the anime staff actually wants us to believe,what the nejihina fandom has seen a decade ago.
Maybe the episode will be just a dissapointing filler...but they have 100 points for TRYING.

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Thank you for everything, I'm sorry for being silent lately - I'm having loads of things on my shoulders, mostly school-related things that are deadlined, so there's no time to draw now.
Just wanted to thank you for all the lovely comments, notes and general support :)
And new watchers - WELCOME! :heart:

Terrace will be updated soon, I haven't given up on it!!! (but I have to admit that all the nejihina in SD series and anime recently are almost suffocating me .... I came to the conclusion that the staff is a bunch of sadists who like suffering heartbroken fans and want to rub more nejihina into our faces till the time comes when Neji dies in the anime, too.... :iconotlplz: And it's not Neji being all brotherly toward Hinata, trust me... at least in the SD universe, that is. Even if it's a parody, it's still nejihina, people see it and feel it and it makes us suffer.... )

And if you havent heard about an anime called CHIHAYAFURU - I must say, ONE OF THE BEST RECENT JOSEI SHOWS OUT THERE, CHECK IT OUT! It has action on par with shonen sporty series, yet, still keeps a nice amount of romance without being too cheesy.
Karuta seems like a beautiful traditional game, so I learned a few new things about Japan once again! :heart:

Take good care guys!!
Have a nice start into spring and see you soon, hopefully!
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