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May 24, 2010


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Lock ON! =D

Mon May 24, 2010, 3:05 PM
lock on

Yayz! Since my sub's running out of steam I'll post the last journal in pictures XD (cuz I am not sure if that's possible without a sub - I'll try out *w*).

I've been reading this manga for a while: called "Lock ON!"

It's another good proof that Japan comics can really pull the coolness and martial arts out of anything possible and to the extreme - may it be food, Go, modeling, cooking yes, there's martial arts even in PHOTOGRAPHY! 8D

The characters are very sweet and the story has quite the unique look on photography ;)
Check it out if it sounds interesting.
The genre is martial arts, comedy, fun etc. Simply - very entertaining and refreshing to read.


lock on!

Btw- is it only me or does one of the characters look too much like Kuro=pon from TRC? *w* *giggles*

And my eyepatch fetish once again rose up X'D >> pretend you didn't read this...Just...PRETEND...please.
I really hope the manga won't end halfway like Doublearts did. That was terrible T__T; But so far it looks really good. I also hope for it not turning into some really heavy mix like Reborn.



Free sketches: in progress

People: *EDIT*
1. HachimonTonko :iconhachimontonko:
>DONE< Zane and Hope…

2. NarutokidSpirit :iconnarutokidspirit: >OC girl<

3. kyubifan :iconkyubifan: >OC girl<

4. kejtTENSHA :iconkejttensha: >Kushina from Naruto<DONE

5. Mirage-Verius :iconmiragev: >OC Gunnar<

6. susu-chan :iconsusu-chan: >not defined yet<

7. Pirate-Princess-Aiko :iconpirate-princess-aiko:
>DONE<Sakura sketch-…

8. Sariachan-KokiriLeaf :iconmajorasmasks: >FMA Edward Elric> DONE

9. Miyu01 :iconmiyu01: >not defined yet<

10. golden-gardens :icongolden-gardens: >not defined yet<

ALL CHECK!! No more requests for now ;) You were rly truly FAST, ppl =D


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Oh I runned into this series by accident, I liked at first sight, although I preffer the One shot much more.
K-haza May 26, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That sure looks interesting! 8D I'll definitely check it out when my vacation starts!
=D I recommend highly ;) :hug:
This manga is epic i really like it, it's awesome beacuse japanese can mix martials arts almost with eerthing. :XD:
Me too ^___^= I have the same feeling X'DD
damn, that manga sounds so cool |D
why does he wear a eyepatch? different eye color? meh :c
ahh, I forgot about the sketch trade already, I can still ask my request, right? :iconblushplz:
Of course you can make the request ^___^=
And he wears an eyepatch because he has a special eye ;)
FFF, then, uh, can you draw me Tidus from FFX? :iconblushplz:
^_____^= Adding into the list^^
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